Wednesday, October 26, 2005

HELP, I've been SPAMED!

Well, it seems my blog was spammed! How annoying! Who knows how to stop this online abuse and terrorism. Can I hunt these fools down and slap them silly? I certainly would like to. If you know how to bkock spam on a blog, please let me know. I'm not the most computer-literate person. BUT I can learn. :-)
Since the close of "Killer Angels" I have been working almost everyday at the hospital. I am so tired. It's not that I don't like nursing anymore, it's just I want to be spending all of my working time performing! Yea, the Operating Room is considered a theatre, but hey, let's get real, I like the spotlight! I have a very hard time sharing it with a Surgeon. :-)
Been feeling a bit down lately too. Thought it was just post-show blues, but there may be more to it. Perhaps it's the fact that I have nothing scheduled, no auditions coming up and I haven't heard from any of my agents in over 8 months? This business is all feast or famine. Well, it's certainly famine time and I'm starving! Yea, something will come up. It always does. I just hope I'm still sane when it does!

Monday, October 24, 2005

The dinning room is done

So, this is the before shot of the dinning room. Yes, it's pink (just like most of the house). Notice the cieling fan. The only one in the house!

Here's the after shot. Now there's a chandelier and crown moulding! That's painted walls by the way, not wallpaper. NEVER AGAIN will we paint stripes!! The pink is from the living room, yet another project! All we need now is for our futniture to show up (and the area rug).

So I finally made it back to the blog. AND I finally got my pictures downloaded. Though they are not the best shots. (Andrew has a nervous camera hand) This is the wonderful Sarah Melinda as Lady MacBeth at the MD. Renn. Festival. She was very impressive.

So, this past weekend was great. Saturday we went to a wonderful wedding. Andrew's Uncle Mike was remarried after his first wife passed away a few years ago. He married a friend from London, who lost her husband a few years ago as well. What a lovely couple. They seemed so happy since both of their losses. We ended up sitting next to a wonderful couple at the reception. Seems Mark went to the same highschool I went to and Kim went to the same school as Andrew! Many years after us, but still "home town." We had so much in common. We spent the entire reception just laughing away and talking like we were old lost friends. It's really wonderful to see a "straight" couple so comfortabale with a gay couple at first meeting. I think we've made some great new friends. I do hope we keep in touch.
Yesterday, we cleaned up the office and the guest room. Now that the dinning room is done (refer to above pictures), we have to start on the guest room. We need somewhere for our friends to stay when they visit! That would be a big HINT! Yes, Larry I AM tilting my head!
I noticed that most of the theatre world (well, our little part of it) hasn't been blogging for a while too. Makes me feel a little better from being away from it for a while.
Well, until next blog...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A wasted day

Well, it's day two on the new blog. Today was as uneventful as one could get. I managed to waste the entire day shopping online for a carpet for our dinning room. What joy!
Didn't find the right one, but found plenty that were way too expensive. WOW, what a lesson.
Having just bought a new house, all of this is a new experience.
Didn't even get to download pictures to post here.
Perhaps tomorrow?
Something has been waying heavy on mind for the past week or two. I just finished a run of "Killer Angels" at Wayside Theatre in Winchester, VA. It was a great show, or so I thought. My husband, just showed me one of the reviews. Very dissapointing. Not a bad review per say, but not a great one either. It's from the Winchester Star. I'd put a link to it, but you need an account to view it. These kinds of reviews that are more of a synopsis always make me wonder, how does one become a theatre critic? What exactly is the criteria? I know, this may sound like sour grapes, but I was actually reviewed, kinda well. Not that it was a real review, like I said. When you pour your heart and soul into a role, just to have a critic say something off the cuff like "sensitve", makes you wonder did they see the show at all? Does a theatre critic need any knowledge of theatre at all? I think perhaps not. If so, they certainly don't show it. Oh and by the way, Kilrain is Irish, not Scottish. Even a layman could tell that difference! Then again, it is VA.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Here goes

Ok, here goes nothing as they say. So many friends have blogs I thought there must be something to this. So I guess I'll find out for myself. I suppose most of the time I'll just write some daily happenings, sometimes it could be a more of a rant. Each day will be different!
So, special thanks to my friends Malia ,Larry and Warner for getting me into this. The best thing is they don't know that they are responsible for it!
This past weekend was pretty good. Saturday we helped a good friend move in Annapolis. Ah, who knew a single woman could have soooo much stuff! And we are way to old to be doing that again!
Oh, "WE" meaning my husband Andrew and I. Yes, I'm gay, deal with it or move on! (Andrew is on the left, I'm on the right)
Yesterday we headed to the MD. Renn. Festival. I know, it's kind of a geeky thing, but hey I had a great friend in a show there. My dear friend Sarah Melinda was playing Lady MacBeth! And what a fantastic job she did! Kudos girl! I'll post a great picture of her when I have them downloaded! Check back tomorrow.
Oh, yes let me tell ya, I'm a professional actor. My stage name is Carl Randolph So there will be lots of theatre talk here. Maybe even complain about a critic or two! THAT should be fun!
Well, that should get me off to a start. If you ever want to post to anything, go ahead. I'd be most interested to know why your reading this blog in the first place!
I sure hope this is fun if not therapeutic!