Monday, November 28, 2005


WOW, what a weekend! It was great to have four long days with Andrew. We got so much accomplished this weekend. The guest bedroom will be done today! Just have to put the last coat of paint on the door and it's done.
We re-arranged the furniture so we now have room for the Christmas tree in the living room. We should be getting that on Sunday. I love the holidays. It always feels good to get the house festive and to have family and friends stop by. That's a BIG hint for all of you...
Bob's Mom is doing well following her surgery so we can get back on track with the company. We have a meeting scheduled for Thursday. Lots to do there.
Going shopping with my best friend Lori (that's Lori and her dog Daisy in the picture) on Tuesday. Hope we don't drink too much at lunch this year. God knows what we'll buy!
Well, gotta get to that door!

Monday, November 21, 2005

moving along

Well, things are progressing slowly with the new company. We had a bit of a delay, as Bob's Mom just had surgery for Breast CA and he's having a hard time dealing. But all will work out in time.
Still no auditions, though I did get a callback for "USA" at American Century Theatre. I auditioned for it months ago and the callback is on the 28th. The same night as our local AEA membership meeting. Go figure! Hopefully they'll see me on another day? If not, well the AEA only auditions are coming in January and I have my plane ticket to go to UPTA in February in Memphis! Should be fun.
The guest bedroom is almost done. I'll post pictures when it is. Perhaps we'll get it finnished this weekend.
Going to Andrew's Mom's for Thanksgiving with my parents. We are so lucky that our folks not only get along, but actually LIKE each other! We are blessed!
Happy Turkey day to you all!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

back again

Well, I've been away from this again for too long. So here I am again. Went to Wayside last night and saw a fantastic performance of "Slueth." With Ray Ficca and Bill Largess, how could it be anything but? Great job guys! It was good to see some old friends again after "Killer Angels." Even though most of them were too "tired" to socialize after the show. Missed Warner (where did you go?) Thanks to Wade, Theresa and Larry (yes, Larry showed up!: WHOO HOO!). It was good to re-meet Richard too! Nice to have a Guinness at the Pub. Didn't think I missed that, but I guess I did. A few friends seemed a little "distanced" though? Perhaps just my perception (always a possibility with me). Perhaps it was they changed my make-up design for a character in the show? Of which is fine with me. As a make-up artist you have to be willing to see changes. The director has to go with what they think works. AND I wasn't there for tech, so I have no idea how the change came about. Not that it matters. Of course I would have preferred to have been informed before I saw the show, but even still not a problem for me.
Speaking of make-up... Big news here. The blog is going to start a new path. I'm going to plot out the creation of a new company. Yep, I'm in the process of starting a new company! My good friend Bob Yoho, who is a great special effects make-up artist and I are joining forces to create a full service make-up company. Most of my experience is with stage and his is with film, so we have a great team coverage there. Plus I do more in the line of Fashion work and he does far more work in special effects. So we compliment each others talents and experience very well. Stay tuned for more information as we develop the company. After all, we're just getting started!
The photo above is Bob applying Devlin The Destroyer to me for the film "Sorcerer of Stonehenge School."

Thursday, November 03, 2005

nothing much

Well there's not much to write now. I wanted to post something as I haven't done so for a while. Been working at the hospital EVERY day. I guess it's better than waiting tables. No offense to waiters/waitresses. We'll be working on the guest bedroom this weekend. Currently it's a light grey-blue. We're going with a sage color with a wash of Opal. We'll see how THAT turns out. Trying not to do anything too challenging after the dining room. Yes, Abigail you can help! Any HGTV junkie is welcome.
Really wanting to get out to Wayside and catch "Slueth." We're going to try for the 11th.
We're supposed to have our "mover's dinner" on the 12th. That all depends if the furniture actually shows up. They keep calling to say another piece has arrived, but it's damaged so we have to re-order. Though I appreciate that they don't deliver damaged goods... I want out dining room furniture!!!
OH and BIG news. The film "Nocturne" is having a private viewing on the 13th!!! It's been 4 years since we filmed it. I don't think I remember what it's about :-)
Well till next time