Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Biz is Pickin' Up

Well, after what seems like forever... I'm finally getting some callabcks on all those EPA's I've been to recently. The next one is for Round House Theatre in Bethesda. I've been called back to audition for "A Prayer for Owen Meany." I read it eons ago, but just bought the book (thank you Amazon.com) so I can re-read it before the audition on Tuesday. I'm up for the role of Dan Needham. I'd love to get it. Not only because it's a John Irving piece (well based on) but because it's at Round House. Been wanting to work there since I got into town! So for more fun, Andrew and I are going to see our good friend Ray Ficca at Olney Theatre in "Anything Goes." Then Thursday off to see good ole' Peter in "Shenendoah" with non other than Scott Bakula. Those who know me can imagine where my mind is!! WOOF! The make-up company is coming along. Now we have to find some models and a photographer willing to work for pictures (or food) so we can have some really decent photos for the website. Anyone interested??


Anonymous Wayside Theatre said...

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