Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Strange but True

Andrew and I attended the wierdest wedding this past weekend. It was held at the Summit Point Race Track in WV. Yes, that's right a race track....You know NASCAR type stuff. So here we are dressed in our best jeans and I'm told I'm overdressed! The 10 minute ceremony contained a whole lot of "marriage is between a man and woman" stuff and "marriage is only for the procreation of children." Imagine how Andrew and I felt over this? Anyway....there were no chairs so we're all standing waiting for the bride. And then... NO music! So we started to hum the wedding march. Have you ever heard a group of drunk red-necks humming? Not pretty. Difficult to hear with the cigarettes and cigars hanging from their mouths. After the ceremony they climbed in the back of a pick up for a "lap around the track." Then the reception. It was across the "lot" at the workers camp site. Catered...sort of. Dry pork, some kind of chicken from a can (I think) but here's the real kicker... The dining table was the back of a flat bed truck! Not on the truck, but was the truck! YUCK! So we ate standing up holding on to our paper plates. When the gallon bottle of Jack Daniels was opened at the cake cutting, it was time to go...... The next day was spent enjoying a bit more cultured event, Wine In the Woods in Columbia. From NASCAR wedding to a wine tasting in Columbia....amazing weekend! Oh and as of last night I booked another show!! I'll be heading out to Wayside Theatre again to work on"Lying in State." This starts rehearsals June 20 and runs July 8-Aug 5. Just in time to start rehearsals for "Owen Meany." Today is my callback for "The Long Christmas Ride Home" at Studio Theatre in DC. If this comes through that will be three shows in a row. Fingers crossed!!!!


Blogger Peter said...

Congrats, man, on "LiS" and on "Owen Meany"! And I hope an upcoming wedding turns out more fun -- though I got nuthin' against a big bottle of Jack.

Thu May 25, 01:22:00 PM  

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