Monday, July 10, 2006

first day off

Well, I'm home for my first day off since we began tech for "Lying In State." The show is going very well in spite of the "not really great" script. Andrew joined us for opening night last night and the audience seemed to love the show. So, it's not my type of humor, still funny for those watching and that's what really counts. My good friend Warner (who's turning 50 soon) posted this site on his blog You can find the number one single and show album on your birthday. Well, any day for that matter. You can get a whole list for every year, but 43 years is a bit much for me to post here. So, without further ado...... the #1 single on my birthday........"She's Not You" by Elvis! The number one cast album........"West Side Story"! Interesting, not sure why though, hmmm? So get out to Wayside and catch a very funny show...............


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