Monday, January 23, 2006

First Blog of 06

I can't believe that I haven't posted here since early December! Where does the time go? Christmas was great this year. We were able to host my family for Christmas eve in a formal dinning room! (A dream that I've had for some time now) We even managed to decorate our tree in colors that went with the pink room. Can't believe that happened, but it seemed to work. Andrew and I maanged to give each other the same gift this year! We've done it before and this wasn't any different. We gave each other black suits. Opened them at the same time even! I gave Andrew tickets for SanFrancisco too. We're heading out Feb. 11-19. I know he's looking forward to it as we'll get to see a long time friend of his.
Went a to a beautiful wedding at the Wayside Theatre. Good friends Eric and Jennifer were married on Jan 14 in the theatre with a lovely reception next door in the Curtain Call Cafe. It's really special to see how the theatre and staff all supported this wedding, doing everything to make it beautiful. My heart goes out to everyone there! It really shows why Wayside Theatre is so respected by so many performers, including myself.
Speaking of show business. Things have started to pick up! The year started with our annual AEA auditions in Olney. As well as working the auditions, I auditioned and managed to get a call back the next day for Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co. in DC. The callback went well and now it's the waiting game to see if I get to audition for the director! Just had another audition this morning for Round House Theatre in Bethesda. It was for a new musical being co-produced with the De. Theatre Co. in Wilmington. It's a country show. They had me try to sing a tenor role! Yes, this baritone was trying his best, but I don't think it really worked. But it was fun all the same. Hey, you never know!
Getting ready to head off to Memphis to attend the UPTA auditions. This is a national audition for lots of different companies. Time to spread out a bit! We'll see what happens. I'll really need the trip to SanFrancisco after all this!
Meanwhile, we've picked back up on the creation of our new make-up company. We had a great meeting yesterday and should have our website up in the next month or two. Amazing how you think you have all these great pictures, then when you really look at them, not so! So we'll have to take some new ones. Anyone want to volunteer to be a model? Anyone know a photographer willing to volunteer?
Well, that should catch everything up in an abridged sort of way.
Hopefully I'll be able to post a bit more frequently!