Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back from San Fran

So we're back from SanFrancisco! And I have new headshots. What do you think? Thanks so much to all my friends and co-actors helping me choose the right ones. Especially Warner and Thomasin! Oh Larry, does the shirt look familiar?
Now to SanFrancisco. Well worth the trip. Saw almost all the sites. If that's even possible in one week. Boy those hills! I just LOVE that city. Just being able to walk hand in hand on the street with my husband without worry....Just wonderful! Now Valentine's Day was not what I hoped it would be. The restaurant...sucked! Can we say pretentious? Over priced? Dinner was $125.00 per person. Yes, that's right $125.00 per person for a fixed menu. The choices were limited to four selections and only included a salad or soup, the entree and desert. Wine was $25.00 for 2 glasses of house wine. (should not be in SanFrancisco!) AND the waitress was hard to find. At $125.00 a plate I shouldn't have to ask for a spoon for my soup! Oh and appetizers ranged in price from $25.00 -$48.00! Then to make it all worse I have this allergy to peppers. So I got to choose from ONE entree. Let's just say it was small at best. Desert was good though and pretty. Then , since it was Valentine's Day they were giving little gift boxes of chocolate after the meal. Well, all the other tables did. NOT us! The waitress was too busy chatting with the staff at the bar! AND who wants loud techno-music for a romantic dinner? Well, enough about Mecca. The rest of the trip was fabulous! More about that next blog!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Memphis to San Fran

Well, I'm back from Memphis. Still trying to decide if it was worth the expense. I'll wait to what/if anything comes from it. Had three companies express interest. But some said they weren't sure they could hire equity actors this year. Makes me wonder. I understand why though...$$$$ Always comes down to that. Ah life! Anyway I got to spend some time with friends and I even made some new ones. So that's always a plus! Andrew and I are now off to a much needed vacation (especially for him) to SanFrancisco! I have a nice restaurant all reserved for Valentines Day in the heart of the Castro. I hope it's all I've heard it is. It's called Mecca and is supposed to be very nice. I'll let you know. I'll post when I get back and tell ya'll how it went.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Heading to Memphis!

So, I'm getting ready to fly out to Memphis tomorrow to attend the UPTA auditions. This will be my first time there and as you might expect I'm a little nervous. The best thing is I get to see some good friends while I'm there so I won't feel alone. Bad thing, I developed this really bad cold which is fine but I now sound like Barry White! While some may see this as sexy, it won't help me hit the F's and G's in many of the songs I may have to do. Oh well, it will be what it will be! Great news! Andrew has a new job!!! He starts the day we get back from San Francisco! So he's got a bit more than a week left at NASA and then off to San Fran for a week then to the new job. He'll be working for company called Keane and assigned to a job for NOAA. He'll be responsible for much more management and doing more "live" meteorology. So, that means no more research and no more NASA! The job also comes with a significant pay raise AND domestic partner benefits. Which means I'll now have health insurance all the time. Not just when I qualify from AEA. Another bonus, Keane has offices in LA, NY, Toronto and London. All possible cities we may end up in for my career. So, a transfer to one of those cities could be possible in the future. Time will tell. Well, off to prepare for the trip. I sure hope this is worth it. So many have told me it will. We'll see!