Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yes Peter, I live!

Well, it seems that at least one person is reading my blog. Ok, maybe two (Thank you Peter and Warner). Sorry, I've been blogsent (my new word) for a while but life has been crazy, fun, exciting and disappointing. "Owen Meany" is now up and running and with gusto! The Washington Post apparently gave us a great review. I don't read reviews myself until after the run is over, so I can't say for sure what it says. But I hear it's good. I love working on the show and at Round House. A big theatre can really spoil you and make you a bit lazy in the process. There's always someone who can and will take care of everything for you. Really not used to it, but I have quickly learned to get accustomed to it! I know that I will greatly miss this show. It has a fun and strong cast and crew. I mention the crew on this because this show is a technical beast. I hope everyone gets to see it. They are starting to talk about an extension. This I would love since I don't have anything to go into after it closes. Speaking of....Auditions....I was so thrilled a few weeks ago I had three auditions, well, supposed to. First, I was called by The Shakespeare Theatre to read for the role of Tyrrel in Richard III. I was supposed to read for Michael Kahn. (would have been my first time) Well, the day before the audition the casting director called and canceled saying that Michael had cast the role in NY the weekend before! ARGH! Then, I was called to read/sing for the lead role in "A Man of No Importance" at Bay Theatre in Annapolis. I told them I had a conflict with a week during the rehearsal schedule (We're going to Paris). They said "no problem" as they were in a bind. Well, that was the story until the morning of the audition. When I got there they said they didn't know how they would work it out. Now that kinda bothers me as I drove all the way to Annapolis on a Saturday morning (had to be there at 9:30am) before a two show day at Round House of a three hour show! Rather inconsiderate if you ask me. But as a consolation they wanted to know if I would be interested in doing "The Full Monty" for them if/when they do it next year. Not sure about that one. Don't really want to strip for that little bit of money (Special Appearance Contract) and it's a very intimate theatre (50 some seats). Now the last one. Imagination Stage. I went to an audition for "Junebug and the Reverend." Well, I had to run to make it to the audition because we were in tech (10 of 12's to be exact) that day. I talked a fellow cast member into going as well. Well, he ended up getting the part I read for! So much for being Mr. Nice Guy. So, three possibilities and I end up with nothing. Sometimes I wonder about all this. So, now I'm looking forward to my next audition, which I hope will be for the Kennedy Center. If they call me back with a time for "Carnival." We'll see. Maybe my work with the illusionist all those years ago will have some benefit? So now the home front. Things are a little crazy here too. Seems we had a bit of a leak in a water main in our ceiling. So now, we have to have our entire house re-piped because of polybutelene pipes. Not only a nuisance, but expensive! Just got the quote.....$4,025.00! yippee. At least the huge hole in the ceiling will go away. We'll also have a 25 year warranty should anything happen again. OK, enough for the the return blog. I promise I'll try to do better Peter. :-)